Raise of the Attributes

Every level that you reach you get 4 training points that you can freely spend on your attributes.

So if you focus on one attribute you can have it at level 4x of your actual level.

But this is not the only way how you can raise your attributes.

Another option is to find the trainer. At the world of LostHero there are many trainers, but usualy each of them can train only one attribute.

The trainer at the map can be found by the icon image.

To get train by the trainer will cost you Energy.

The trainer can train each of the attribute maximum to 10x of your level.

But if you get trained 2 attributes he can reach maximum 8x of your level.

4 attributes to maximum of 7x of your level.

And 4 attributes to maximum of 6,5x of your level.

Is there any system of the attributes? Yes, Professions.

Also God Terakota will help you to move the assigned points between attributes.
What for are the attributes? Check here.
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