You as a player can hire additional characters called Mercenaries to help you at you jurney.

Number of Mercenary is limited per level of your character.

At your level 40 you can hire one Mercenary.

At your level 80 you can hide two Mercenary

And at your level 150 you can hire three Mercenary.

Each Mercenary is have same attributes as you, you need to train him, equip him, etc..

So why we actually have a Mercenary?

It's because with the Mercenaries you can combine different professions and you can more use all different equipment that you can get from the game. Result is more richer playing.

The game it self is built that you technically don't need to hire a Merc, but you will have very hard time to move through the levels where is expected that you already have the Mercs.
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