The key to playing Lost Hero are the fights.

At the beginning of the game you stand alone and fight only one monster.

Every monster has its own statistics like Damage, Armor, Hit Points and skills.

When you fight a monster the character that has the higher First Strike skill is more likely to hit first (if your FS is higher than your opponent’s by more than 10 you will always hit first).

The fight ends when one of the opponents dies. After you progress deeper into the game, you will meet groups of more than one monster and you can hire additional mercenaries to help you on your quest. In multiple monster/fighter encounters the fight ends when all members of one of the opposing groups die.

Character or monster dies when their Hit Points are reduced to zero.

The mechanics of the fight are simple: attackers attack with randomized damage based on the basic damage of their weapon. Defenders counter the attacks with their armor. If the resulting damage is zero or lower, no damage is done. If the damage is higher than zero, the defender’s Hit Points decrease by the resulting value.

Skills have a huge effect on the fights.

First Strike - decides who will deal the first blow

Block - gives % chance to double the armor value

Armor Breaker - gives % reduction of the opponent’s armor: for the next round the armor is lower than the original value

Critical Strike - give % chance to double the net damage after armor subtraction (e.g. if your basic damage is 100, opponent’s armor is 80, then after successful CS activation the resulting damage dealt will be 40 HP instead of 20 HP)

Backstab - give % chance to double damage before reduced by opponent’s armor e.g. if your basic damage is 100, opponent’s armor is 80, then first your basic damage will be doubled to 200 before the opponent’s armor is subtracted and the final damage dealt is 120 HP instead of 20 HP with no BS)

Regeneration - this is the KEY skill. It decides how much HP in % gets restored every time before you start to attack.

Each fight costs you 10 Energy points multiplied by the number of your opponents. The number of
characters at your party does not affect Energy cost.

Number of MonstersEnergy Cost

If you win the fight you and your Mercenaries will get a certain amount of experience.

The experience each party member gets is the sum of experience from all monsters divided by the number of people in your party.

Experience from all monstersNumber of members in your partyExperience for each member

Experience value of each monster depends on the type of the monster (Zombie gives more than Troll).

However, if the level of the monster is lower than your level, then the experience is reduced by 20% for each point of the level difference.
Your LevelMonster LevelRegular experience from MonsterExperience gained

Fight Lost
If you lose a fight then the monster will take away part of your gold. The loot is between 5-25% which is a lot.

Because of this danger it is usually practical to convert your gold to diamonds as soon as you can, as diamonds are forever.
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